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“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” [Qur’an, 13:11]


10th December 2017
Grand Conference on Ethical Upliftment of Human Society
On Sunday 10th December 2017, ... +more
9th December 2017
A talk by Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq
Quran House (Aurangabad) is or... +more
26th November 2017
Quran Conference 2017
A lecture is scheduled to be d... +more
21st May 2017
4 Days (21 May to 24 May), 2017 Dawah Training Camp at Rampur UP India
The Annual Dawah Camp will be ... +more
30th April 2017
Title: Interacting with the Most Amazing Book
A lecture is sheduled to be de... +more
23rd April 2017
Address to Students in Nadwa by Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq
ندوہ &... +more
26th March 2017
Conference महा सतसंग
ईश्व&#... +more
13th February 2017
Meditation Camp for Out of Rampur Participants
A 10-day meditation camp will ... +more
15th January 2017
Universal Brotherhood and Peace through Sacred Scriptures
A talk in English will be deli... +more
23rd October 2016
आलमी भाईचारा,सतयुग भारत और विश्वशांति
23,अक्ट... +more
30th August 2016
'The Only Resort'
Speaker: Allama Syed Abdullah ... +more
16th July 2016
Eid Milan, Saharanpur
Time: 8:00pm Venue: Hotel Sky... +more
10th July 2016
It will take place from 11am t... +more
4th July 2016
Shab e Qadr Discourse (29th Night) 4 July 2016
Programme schedule 10:30 PM to... +more
2nd July 2016
Shab e Qadr Discourse (27th Night) 2 July 2016
Programme schedule 10:30 PM to... +more
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The Mission

To promote inter-faith dialogue to remove the widespread misinformation and misunderstandings among each other.

To remove misinformation and misunderstandings about Islam and Qur’an.

To promote the interfaith understanding by encouraging the people of different faith to know more about each other’s beliefs.

To make an effort to unite the people of different faith on the basis of common grounds and beliefs between them so that

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Supplication for Protection against evil effects
Here are two very important supplications for Protection against unusual losses and for Protection against evil effects of men and Jinns. These two are from the books of Hadiths.
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Tasawwuf is an important part of Islamic Shariah even though the term does not find mention in Qur'an and Hadith by its present name, argues Syed Abdullah Tariq
Punishment for Adultery in Islam
It is widely misunderstood that punishment for adultery in Islam is "Stoning till Death"...explains Syed Abdullah Tariq. Check it out to clear the misconception


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